TV Buying Guide: A how-to guide to buy Smart TV

When you buy a TV, it becomes part and parcel of your life. We spend a lot of time to watch TV shows and programs.In America, people love to watch TV and they give due importance to TV like any other personal thing. TV is a long lasting asset as after buying it, we use it for many years.

Thousands of hours of our life are spent on watching TV programs. When we are going to buy a TV, it becomes compulsory for us to choose the best TV with latest technology and features. By doing so, we can choose the best TV spending few hours of our life.

Buying Guide to choose the best TV can be helpful for anyone as it has each and every detail about TV.

A lot of queries about TV comes in our mind as there are different types of Televisions by technology like LCD TV, LED TV, OLED TV, Plasma Display Panels, QLED TV are available in the market. We will share details of TVs which will help you to select the best TV.

Important things to remember while buying Smart TV

Go for Big Size TV  

Resolution of Big size screen has more sharpness as pixels increase with the size.

Choose 4K (aka Ultra HD) with HDR (High Dynamic Range) 

It creates more natural viewing environment as contrast and color representation is amazing.


As TV’s built-in speakers sound weak . You need to add stereo speaker system for great sound.

HDMI cable 

HDMI cable is recommended for better quality video, brightness with high resolution of pixels.

Select a good brand 

Always choose best and popular TV brand. LG, Sony, and Samsung are available. Many factors like service centres, warranty etc. offered by good brands should be considered while buying.

Buy through authorized dealer

If you buy TV from some authorized dealer of a good branded company, full support and warranty can be enjoyed.

Wireless connectivity 

Ensure that TV has built in Wifi and external Wifi USB dongle support. DLNA or Miracast support is also a good feature which allows contents from smart phone or tablet to the TV.

How to choose the best Smart TV

Price Range

In the market, you will come across with different brands with same size but different features at same price. In the recent past, prices of smart TVs have gone down considerably. Discounts on buying TVs are available easily due to competition. If you spend more money, TV having good size and latest features can be enjoyed. If the price range is within your budget, bigger TV is always considered perfect for better viewing experience.

TV Size

Bigger is better is the main thing what comes when you try to decide the size of TV. Choose the largest screen your room, viewing distance, and budget will accommodate. Most of the consumers who bought big screen size TV are most satisfied compared to small screen size TV. If you are on a tight budget you have to sacrifice the picture quality. We recommend that you choose “bigger screen” and “sit closer” for best viewing experience.


TV shoppers prefer 4K Ultra HD TVs, there are two technologies OLED and LED to choose from. Besides picture quality differences, both TVs offer sharp, super-slim designs, detailed 4K images. In LED TVs, LCD display technology is used and to illuminate the screen LED backlight. LED TV looks bright even with the room lights on. OLED TVs consume less power because they do not require backlighting. They have a much wider viewing range than LED TVs because they produce their own light. You will get best experience in a dim or darkened room in OLED TVs.

TV Resolution

Ultra HD and 4K are the same thing. Both refer to screen resolution, and the number of pixels on the screen. The more pixels, the sharper, better and more realistic the picture. 1080p or 4K Ultra HD is the best screen resolution. Then comes HDR (High Dynamic Range) which enhances contrast within the existing pixels and color and it looks more natural, accurate, and has more depth. With HDR, color on a TV remains true to form. Without HDR, a TV can’t reproduce certain colors in a true-to-life way. If you are thinking of buying 4K, then buy with HDR capability TV.

Remote Control

If you plan to buy a specific model then make sure that it includes clicker. It’s good if it can control other things also like cable box, game console, lights and thermostat, just using the TV remote. Medium-size remotes with backlight button looks nice. Prefer universal model than fancy remotes with gesture controls and touchpads because it works better than it.

Tuner Friendly

If you do not prefer cable then make sure the TV you buy has an inbuilt air tuner. You can then enjoy better image quality with free local TV broadcasts. Latest Smart TVs are equipped with tuners, so, check the tuner function before buying.

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